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new dome approach

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  • new dome approach

    Hello everyone,

    Decided to take a little different approach to finalizing the dome. Used brick splits cut at an angle to fill in the hole. It seem to be extremely strong at this point, hope it works out ok. Any comments would be greatly appreciated, as neither my brother nor myself are brick masons. The files appear to be too large to add to this post so, I will post them in the photo gallery.

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    Re: new dome approach


    Very nice work. That looks great.

    This is just a question. Is there any chance that the expension of the crossing bricks might push out a little on the top chains during thermal expansion? I can't imagine it would be a problem, but wanted to throw this out to other builders.

    One other thing. The photos attached to postings are limited to 100K, while the Photo Gallery can go up to 800K.

    Keep up the nice looking work.

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      Re: new dome approach

      about your photo size. Do you have access to Adobe Photoshop at all?
      If you do, open one of your pictures at a time in the programme, go to the main menu >Image>Image size and reduce it as I do to 45cm wide. Check OK and the pic will reduce in size. Now from the main menu, select File>Save for Web will display 2 pics with different file sizes and quality factors. You can also have 4 to view simultaneously, just choose the option. Select the one most suitable and Save. Here I add the word web to the title which does not change your original camera file. Close your Photoshop file but do not save as this will over write your original camera file.
      This should give you great almost full screen pics for all of us to see your results.

      Good luck.

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        Re: new dome approach


        Thanks for the compliment James, I don't know for sure, but hope there will be no problems during thermal expansion. I guess I will find out soon enough though. I'll be starting the curing fires in about week because the dome just finished up yesterday. I will keep you posted as to how it all works out. That also means I am getting my shopping list ready for you, I will be purchasing the insulfrax and caputo flour and maybe a pizza cutter later on today. I do have some more photos for the gallery that I'll get around to posting soon.
        Neill, I don't have adobe photoshop-I have some other crap program and I can't seem to reduce the sizes, but thanks for the advice. I will keep playing around and see what I can come up with.



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          Re: new dome approach

          Resizing Images (download): Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP

          Scroll down until you find Image Resizer (it's on the right hand side in the blue column). It's a quick, easy way to resize an image. Just right click on the image and a window pops up. Tell it how big you want the thing and click "okay" and you're done. It creates a second, resized image in the same folder - even names it by adding (2) to the filename.
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