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Help! Vermiculite problems

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    Re: Help! Vermiculite problems

    1. High Heat Mortar... did you opt to buy pre mixed or did you make from scratch?

    I bought pre-mixed from the same brick supplier that delivered the firebricks.

    2. DOME: Couldn't tell from your photo's but is the first row of firebrick MORTARED on to the oven floor?

    No. It is just set there. No mortar until the second row.

    3. DOME ANGLE: Did you use the a form for the dome, wedges, or free hand? How long did it take you to complete the dome (ie. just the dome, not the insulation, etc.)

    Just eyeballed the angles. I build a lot of igloos in the winter here in Michigan so I felt comfortable with that. Took a total of 6 hours to lay up the dome over two days.

    4. Did you use the blanket sold at Forno Bravo for insulation?

    No. I used more vermiculite+Portland cement. About 4 inches thick. Then I filled the area between the dome and the cemet board walls with loose vermiculite.

    5. FIRE BRICK CUTS... How did you cut yours in half and do you think a TILE SAW would work?

    I don't think a tile saw will work. I used an abrasive cut-off blade in my 10 inch miter saw. Actually pretty easy. I wish there were a ready supply of half bricks! Or, better yet, special curved bricks for each size dome.

    6. Stupid Question: How did you create the diameter of your circle on your oven floor? Can't figure out how to create a 36" Round template?

    Held a nail at the center and swung an 18 inch string with a pencil at the end to scribe a circle.

    Hope this helps!



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      Re: Help! Vermiculite problems

      Hi Steinon,

      You had asked that I post some pics of my design. I'm not finished, due to weather, but I posted some photos. I really wanted to get finished but looks like im going to have to wait until the spring.


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        Re: Help! Vermiculite problems

        Beautiful design. I can tell that the ergonomics is going to work out. All that flat space will be very useful. We have to set out folding tables to assemble the pizza on. In the warmer months that is. In the winter we assemble the pizza and eat it inside the house. My job is to stand by the oven and cook the pizza while my wine gets progressively chilled.


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          Re: Help! Vermiculite problems

          Hi delay!fox,

          Nice work. I also am building a corner stand like yours. Looks like good craftsmanship.

          Curious: How are you finishing the opening below? Ykno, the two 45degreed endwalls in the storage area?

          I am thinking of stacking a course of reclaimed brick on the flat side up to the underbelly of the slab just to give it a bit of a more finished look. they fit nicely on the end of the block.

          It was also good to read about the vermiculite experience. I have been freaking out thinking I messed it up. But, my slab feels like cork or linoleum.




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            Re: Help! Vermiculite problems

            Hey Joe,

            Sorry for the late response. I haven't been on FB for quite some time. My project has not progressed much since the last photo's where taken. Waiting for the warm weather to come so I can finsih.

            On the matter of the opening I'm a little torn myself on how to finish it. Could use some ideas. It's an odd opening and the truth is that if I somehow don't round off the edges it will look to "Boxy" for lack of better words. Do you have any pictures you could share? Could use some helpfult ideas.