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Anyone use igloo building techniques?

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  • Anyone use igloo building techniques?

    When I see a dome being made out of blocks I cannot help but think of building an igloo. I can imagine that classical Italians may not have been exposed to Inuit construction techniques. :-)

    Is there any merit in using the single or double spiral technique for a brick oven? Should I try it? The advantage is that it is self supporting as you build and there is no keystone requirement at the peak.



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    Re: Anyone use igloo building techniques?

    I built my first pizza oven using the construction techniques of the inuit people, but all the ice blocks melted when i lit a fire in it, and the pizza got very soggy.


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      Re: Anyone use igloo building techniques?

      Nick, that's just about the funniest post I've seen on this forum.

      The popular concentric ring method really wasn't too hard for me. In fact, the dome was probably the easiest part of the whole project except for laying the hearth bricks! Why fix what isn't broken?

      The trick in the igloo "spiral" method is in increasing the size or height of each brick as you go around the circle the first time. Perhaps you should give it a try, and let us know how it works!
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