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Alternative Designs For Tight Spaces

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    Re: Alternative Designs For Tight Spaces

    Ya I see what you are getting at there. Could work, but I guess I'm too much of a newb to know for sure. I think I know have more questions than answers haha. Gotta say though, am intrigued by the rotating oven design. That would solve the problem. Now am I crazy enough to attempt building such a thing on my own? Yes, the answer is yes - I just might be

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      Re: Alternative Designs For Tight Spaces

      The construction would be pretty straightforward on the oven's themselves. The flue systems you might need to do some research on because you have to make sure gases slow down enough to heat the surface but not so much that the flue system begins to cool and create creosote(fire hazard-BAD ) . The "twister" oven seems like a real winner, seems very simple to use and very user friendly. There was a company that made ovens like that for bakeries as well. would be really difficult to construct one of your own. Hope I can help with some of the questions with some fairly good answers. Check out the other stuff on the MHA site. They have some true "white" ovens that are situated above masonry heaters and that would be similar to the system that would need to be constructed for the stacked ovens. There you will see the routing system for the hot gases as well as where the cleanouts would be located.
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