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Alternative Designs For Tight Spaces

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  • wlively
    Re: Alternative Designs For Tight Spaces

    If you need bigger, would seem to me that the barrel vault design would be best. You can make it as long as you want, within reason of course.

    Just remember bigger means bigger longer fire as well.

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  • Mongo
    started a topic Alternative Designs For Tight Spaces

    Alternative Designs For Tight Spaces

    I was wondering if anyone had experimented with any alternative designs (for tight spaces) like an oval design or perhaps a twin oven design (with a connection for one fire between the two) or maybe even a couple small ovens stacked vertically? Reason I ask is I don't have a lot of space for a huge circular oven, but I need more space for cooking 15" pizzas than just a 36" or 42" oven can handle...I guess what I'm saying is my kitchen has a lot more length than depth so what can I do (besides expand). I simply can't fit a 48" or bigger oven in there (all measurements are inside diameter - but I am factoring in overall size of hearth/stand). Ideas? Experiences? Photos? Advice?
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