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  • Portable oven?

    Has anyone made a portable oven yet? I don't plan to stay in this house too many more years and don't want either to have to try selling this house with an oven, or to build myself another one. So I am interested in limiting my total weight and building it on a trailer. I believe I can make it rigid enough for transporting a limited number of times, unless I end up taking it to event sites and baking there...
    But the real question has to do with brick orientation to save weight. Let me say up front that I realize this idea will shorten cooking time w/o reheating, but I plan to gas fire it anyway as storing wood is not a good option for me. So I want to build a 36" oven with an 18" dome, but build it with the wide faces of the bricks facing in. In other words, the firebrick would only be 2 1/2" from inside to out. Has anyone done this, and with enough insulation on the outside, will it work, and how will it work?

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    Re: Portable oven?


    Visit Joe Pergolizzi's website at Home. He's building portables commercially, and you'll get some good ideas there.

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