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31.5 Neapolitana style FORNO specification

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  • 31.5 Neapolitana style FORNO specification

    I checked the Casa80 dimetions:

    - Diameter = 31.5"

    - Interior height = 15.3" (thats too high for a napoli style oven) how high should it be? i was thinking of 13"? but to be accurate 1/3 of 31.5 = 10.5 which height should i use?

    - Oven opening W = 17.29"
    - Oven opening H = 9.83"

    i think the opening is big!!!

    is there a ratio they use to calculate the oven opening W & H???

    About the oven wall, how high should it be before i start the 1st curved chane?

    Oven Hearth:
    ill be building my FORNO on a metal stand and tray.

    - if i just want to put Vermiculite insulating concrete how thick should the layer be?

    or Super Isol insulating board how thick should it be?