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Cutting bricks

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  • Cutting bricks

    I have a tile saw that I used to cut my bricks in half. What is best to use to cut angles with? I can use this tile saw but I am not comfortable with how close my hand will be to the blade. Just wondering what everyone else is using for the small cuts.

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    Re: Cutting bricks

    Same wet saw. If your tile saw is a wet saw with diamond blade then it is fairly safe to use around your hands. Just wear leather gloves, the blade will not go thru them. The biggest danger would be the blade throwing the brick, so be sure it or your hands are well supported.
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      Re: Cutting bricks

      agree, I just used my tile pretty good at it. The diamond blade is more like a grinder....not really sharp at all.

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        Re: Cutting bricks

        You could probably make a jig to hold the bricks but since the angles vary you'd need more than one.
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          Re: Cutting bricks

          Cutting the bricks with the same saw will work. I will have do disagree with wearing leather gloves to hold what ever you are cutting.
          Here is why: If it is a wet saw having any type of loose fitting glove on is going to just get worse with the addition of water. In addition some of the cuts you need to get close to the blade and the bulk of a glove can easily be pulled into the blade and while it may not cut through the glove it can seriously damage your wrist or fingers from being pulled.

          Using a wet saw for tile or brick irritates my hands and has gotten worse over the years. What I do now is where a pair of 2 ply latex gloves (like surgical gloves) this protects my hands form the water which is the real problem for me. I also wear them to lay brick and some stone. For block I use a brand of glove called altas, its basically a woven cotton glove with the fingers and palm dipped in rubber, you can see them here. Atlas Gloves

          You can also use just household rubber gloves that are not LOOSE. I'm sorry but I have never been a fan of wearing standard gloves while cutting something. The atlas gloves are a good solution because they will fit you like the latex but will wear better than leather and while you are making your cuts they can get wet and will not get soggy. Plus they are machine washable.
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          One last word of caution, have no illusions that diamond blade WILL CUT YOU not like a wood blade but it will take skin the good news is most wet saws are very stable and you can get very close to the blade without worry. The one word to remember while using the saw is SLOWLY. Don't force the brick let the blade do the work if you are making a difficult cut make sure the brick is in its position before you push it through. If you have to readjust move it out and make the adjustment. It sound scary but it really is very safe just take your time. Hope this helps