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Forno Bravo oven directions

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  • Forno Bravo oven directions

    I am in the process of planning the size of my pad to accomdate my 35" corner installation oven. So I am looking at the plans (one of the pages shown below) and the numbers don't make sense to me. According to my calculations, a 35" inside diameter oven should be 54" outside with brick, insulfrax and vermiculite insulation (p. 14). In the diagram it shows 40" side-to-side and 45" front-to-back. It also shows a 24" front opening width where instructions several pages before that say 18" (36" oven). Am I missing something here or are the directions off? Space is at a premium on my patio for the pad, but I sure don't want to make it too small either!

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    Re: Forno Bravo oven directions

    Hey Pizza,

    This drawing is for the outside dimensions of the Casa90, and there are some differences between that oven and a Pompeii Oven. The Casa series has the vent walls built into the oven itself -- which is why the exterior dimension of the vent landing area is wider. Also, the walls of the Casa ovens are a little thinner than the 4.5" half brick that many builders use for the Pompeii dome.

    Does that help?

    Also, if space is a premium, I always think it is best to do everything you can to maximize oven space any way you can. A couple of inches really matters inside the oven when you are cooking -- though a couple of inches outside on your patio is less important.

    Plus, you can wrap your oven with 3" of Insulfrax to thin out the insulation layer and still have a well-insulated oven; and you can cut your bricks down to around 3". Those will both get you more oven space in the same footprint.

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      Re: Forno Bravo oven directions

      Ahhhh, yes that does clear it up, thanks!