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Arch Rise for Oven Opening

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    Re: Arch Rise for Oven Opening

    Neill, it would be great to see one of those turkeys here in the states that you are mentioning. Does your family still enjoy eating these LARGE turkeys? If they are to big for the oven, rotisarie style sounds delicious.
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      Re: Arch Rise for Oven Opening

      Hi Acoma,
      I believe that around 20 or so years ago, a turkey breeder smuggled some of these giant turkey eggs into Australia from the USA and are now common place specifically for the commercial markets.
      I just did a Google search for 'Giant turkey' and many are from the US.

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        Re: Arch Rise for Oven Opening

        Sorry I haven't responded before now, but thanks to all who shared the details of their arch rise. I've checked at the local refractory supplier, who kindly let me lay out bricks of different tapers, varying from 75/69, to 75/63, to 75/51. Out of stock of 75/57 unfortunately, which is the one I was really curious about.

        I've decided on the 75/63 bricks, which coincidentally are the same as used in the dome. They will form a natural rise of around 2" or so.