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    Re: NH Progress pictures

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check it out.
    Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.



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      Re: NH Progress pictures - More Progress

      More pictures:

      The wedge shaped pieces on the side of the arch aren't attached, just me experimenting. I have managed to straighten up the front of the dome by not tapering the bricks for two courses in that area. The dome ended up low after I finished the transition. The top is starting to look a little irregular on the outside but is still nice and tight on the inside, though you can see where my keyway brick on the right slipped down a bit. I am my own worst critic, most people who have seen it think I need to switch to a different career, but I think I will stick to being a CPA.

      Might be able to finish it this weekend. Not much else to report, the top is actually pretty easy so far and goes pretty quickly as there are much fewer bricks. The weather is still ok, but it has dipped below freezing for the last two nights.

      I built the oven pretty far back, kind of wanted a bit of a shelf at the front, there is still plenty of clearance at the back for insulation and I have no problem reaching in to the oven. It isn't like I will be working the oven 40hrs a week so whatever to ergonomics.


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        Re: NH Progress pictures

        Hi Julian,

        Looking good! I like the shape of your archway, even if it's just play at this point. I think you and I are both trying to finish up in similar weather conditions so I have my fingers crossed for both of us!



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          Re: NH Progress pictures

          Thank you,

          Yes, I really feel like it is a race against the weather. The weekend is looking good and temps are still above normal. Global warming isn't good at all, but it seems like the Winters are getting shorter which isn't a bad thing considering where I live. Glad I am not a Polar bear and the fact that they can now grow fruit trees in Alaska and someone actually went swimming at the North pole is a wake up call.

          PS. Looks like my avatar thingy worked. That is our beast of a real GSD. He is actually really friendly when I am home. When I am not best not go near the kids or wife.


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            Re: NH Progress pictures

            So much for finishing the dome this weekend and racing cold weather. Instead this will be here tomorrow. Maybe the forecasters will be wrong.

            Wish I could be wrong and laugh about it and say whew wasn't that great and still get paid.