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6th course is done (almost)

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    Re: 6th course is done (almost)

    Not like you see snow George. You only live in Washington
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      Re: 6th course is done (almost)

      George - when it gets this cold my mortar joints are not my biggest concern. The body joints are more important. I am staying warm and watching some pretty good games. The Pack game was canceled today because Utah couldn't make the trip. Apparently bad weather impedes all parts of life, not just our ovens.

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        Re: 6th course is done (almost)

        Tell me about it! Our ten-day forecast has called for only rain for the last month or so. Currently, it shows rain for............
        that's right! Rain for the next 10 days!

        I can't bitch too much, cause I can still work under my cover, but I'm waiting for a break in the precip so that I can do a fire to check my chimney's anchor plate effect on the vent arch. Hey, at least it's not snowing

        You're right, there's been some great games on to pass the time during the weather delay. February is a tougher month, huh?
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