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Halogens to keep warm?

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  • Halogens to keep warm?

    I am living in Wisconsin and trying to get my dome done before it turns seriously cold. Last night I decided to put two halogen spots on stand in the dome (I have all but the keystone in place) to keep the day's work from freezing. It was 29 degress outside and 49 on the front dome surface when I checked this morning. Surface temp of the floor was 62 and part of dome direct hit from the Halogens 120. There is steam coming through the keystone hole. I don't think this is of any concern but wanted to check with the group to see if anyone thought I was pushing my luck with the halogens. If not, my plan is to keep them in place at night until the mortar cures.


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    Re: Halogens to keep warm?

    Hey Jim,
    I think its hard to guess how the 120 degree temps will affect new mortar. I would guess it would be fine if you can keep the bulbs focused at the base of the dome, where the mortar is the oldest. I think the idea is to give the newer mortar a week or so to cure at semi-normal temps.

    You might consider just using one light for the time being.

    That's my take on it.

    Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.



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      Re: Halogens to keep warm?

      Thanks George! They are now pointed lower with one lamp on.