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detailed Vent / chimney photos

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  • detailed Vent / chimney photos

    Sorry about the newbie question.

    I have pretty much figured out all the details except the vent, thanks to this forum and photo's. Am I correct in assuming that the exaust leaves the chamber to reach the vent? I would really appreciate a photo or description of that constuction. Most of what I can find here is the chamber constuction. Also, if a door is used, wouldn't it have to be on the outside of the vent?


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    Buongiorno Les,

    Yes, the hot air leaves the oven through the front door, and is exhausted through a vent above the front door. Air is breathed in through the lower half of the oven chamber opening, drawn in a circular pattern through the oven chamber, then pulled through a vent above the door opening. A round oven design draws very well, and smoke is typically not an issue.

    The door is left open during fire-in-the-oven cooking, and closed for retained heat cooking.

    Hope this is helpful.

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      Just to clarify, a door is used for retained heat cooking, and is inside the vent. Otherwise, it would pull hot air out during baking. In retained heat cooking the fire is raked out of the oven in to another container.

      The form of the vent opening is usually some sort of funnel. The easiest method of doing this is to have a vent welded up from heavy gage sheet iron:

      You can also make up the vent funnel by cutting fire bricks. They come in "splits" or half thickness bricks that are easier to cut into shapes.
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        Vent details - 1st. picture serie

        I made the vent, just by using firebricks. It was an easy work and I like the results.
        Following, some pictures showing details


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          Vent details - 2nd picture serie

          Following the vent second pictures serie


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            Vent details - 3rd pictures serie

            Following, the vent 3rd pictures serie


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              Thanks all - this forum is awesome! Arevalo53anos / Dmun, nice job with the picture's, appreciate it.

              Check out my pictures here:

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