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  • over sized oven door


    I am researching the dimensions of a pizza/bread oven door with an idea of a dual use.

    My idea is to build a back garden oven and to hold pizza parties, but with a twist! After the cooking is completed and the night draws in, my idea is to convert the oven into a log wood burner so we can all sit around at night and keep warm.

    My first investigation is that I have read that there is a critical dimension to the height of the dome to the height of the door. This is something to do with retaining the heat in the dome. I have also noticed that most of the ovens doors are closed in by brick and very small.

    The question is: can I build an oven with a large opening but in corporate a cast iron, metal or wooden double door. The concept is to open the smaller door when cooking pizza’s so as to build up and retain the heat and then after cooking to open the larger door (or remove the cast iron, metal or wooden door completely to expose a larger opening to allow more heat to escape out wards to a seated area. Do you know if anyone has tried this before?
    Can you advise or point me any direction


    Ritchie king