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  • Building the house

    My 42" dome is just about complete and I will be building a house around it.

    I am looking for some recommendations on how to go about this.

    Can I use wooden studs or do I need to use metal?

    When I get to the rafters do you use metal or wood construction?

    Does the roof or house need to have soffit vents like the attic of a house?

    I am also most likely going to stucco the house, so I was going to sheath the walls with just concrete board, is this ok? or do I need something like OSB under it?

    What roof sheathing is recommended?

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    You have probably already checked about any local building codes that cover your area. Most enclosures that I've seen are done with metal studs due to the clearances needed for combustibles from the firebox. The dome wall gets pretty close to the bottom plate and studs at the center of the rear and side walls. And also, of course, the framing around the oven opening. Roofing joists, rafters and roof sheathing fall outside of those clearances. You will still need to follow clearances for an insulated vent and have a spark arrestor, just as you would for a home. Some kind of ventilation is needed for any attic imo. Soffit vents paired with ridge or gable vents will help with air circulation in the attic. If you don't like the looks of soffit vents and ridge vents (some don't) I would at least put a gable vent in the back. I've seen discussions that some cement fiber boards are not rated for exterior applications. That may be something that you will want to check on. But, the proper cement fiber board doesn't need a backing. It can be screwed directly to the metal studs.
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