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  • vermiculite

    Evening people's,

    I am at the stage of putting vermiculite onto my dome, i started today but it started to rain......typical Scottish weather!!!

    i started but i never totally finished building up a 4" layer so can i just stick more vermiculite on top of the existing vermiculite when it stops raining?


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    Hi Mike. When I put on my dome's insulation layer I was using perlite instead of vermiculite with the cement. I did rings around the base perimeter and worked building consecutive rings stacking up the dome. I did this primarily to keep consistent thickness and to avoid sluffing of the perlcrete as I went up. I had no problems with layers not bonding and I'd guess you won't have any problems with the vermicrete either.

    If you haven't already, do make sure that the vermicrete material you've put on is covered as it will continue to absorb water from the rain...not good. At least when it's raining outside you can enjoy a pint inside and not feel guilty...
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      There is no problem adding vermicrete in layers. It will stick just fine to the previous layer. It will also help the deepest layer to dry a little before it gets covered up. David S. has done some studies on just how long it takes for vermicrete or perlcrete to dry. It takes a long time and he advise putting it on in thin layers with a drying spell in between each layer..
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