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    Hello everyone!

    I have been looking around the forum for a couple of months now, getting some serious oven envy.

    I am looking forward to setting my foundation. But, this time of year I have a lot of standing water (see photos).
    I know I can't do much until it dries up, but my concern is for the years to come. Is there anything I should worry about with the potential for a few months of standing water every late winter/spring? I am in southern Ohio, where we get the full range of weather conditions (often in any given week). Under the 2 feet or so of top soil is probably 6 to 8 feet of clay, and I'm told by some neighbors possible solid slate under that (hence the standing water for months on end).

    I am planning to dig down about 2 feet, fill in some gravel, and do about 4 or 5 inches of concrete, probably 3 inches above grade, but that plan isn't set in stone (no pun intended).
    Thoughts? suggestions? criticisms? Questions?


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    Hi Brad,
    The areas in your photos appear to be low spots. Could you bring in some class 5 (compact every few inches) to raise up the grade where you are installing your Oven (and patio?).


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      Originally posted by Yeager View Post
      Hi Brad,
      The areas in your photos appear to be low spots. Could you bring in some class 5 (compact every few inches) to raise up the grade where you are installing your Oven (and patio?).
      Most of my property is low spots. I'm about to buy another load of gravel for my really long driveway, so if a few tractor buckets full happen to make their way over to that part of the yard instead, then so be it.
      Yes there will be a patio at some point, but I'll leave my wife to design that.


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        It's not much, but I have the start of a hole in the ground.

        My progress will be slow, because I have small children and a limited budget.


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          Hi Brad and welcome. A start is a start. When I built mine my son was 9 months old. It makes it harder but you can do it.



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            Awesome - your one step closer to having a pizza oven!


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              The way I replied to folks who asked was "all I lack now, is finishing up" 😀.
              joe watson

              "A year from now, you will wish that you had started today "

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                My kids love to help, which slows down a lot of projects, but is always worth it.


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                  2.4 tons on concrete mix (minus the cement) for the slab and base. ...................$33.67
                  1 big scoop of driveway gravel to fill the hole.............................................. ................$25
                  Lunch for the help unloading and use of landscaping truck for my Friend Joe....$21
                  Chore money for the little helpers........................................... .......................................$1.50


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                    It seems like the pit I dug is always full of water (and frogs). but I think I can start filling it with gravel soon.
                    I still need to build up the surrounding area as well.


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                      Awesome that you are involving the kids. They will always remember it!


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                        It's been a while since I posted anything, mostly because I haven't done a lot. I have been buy working on other projects around the house and the many outbuildings on my property (as well as my full time job and raising 3 kids).

                        Since my last update, I have filled the pit with the gravel and built the form for my foundation, but I need to level it before I fill it with concrete.

                        I'm still looking for fire bricks, but I'm starting to doubt I will need them this year.


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                          Looks like I haven't updated this in a while. I have some pictures, but can't access them from work, so I will post those later.

                          I have my bricks stacked in the barn, next to my saw.
                          I have the foundation done, but I had some issues with the concrete mix I bought (maybe that's why it was so cheap).


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                            Not a lot of progress in the last year, because I have made a lot of progress on the bathroom, porch, and dinning room.
                            But, I have my block foundation ready to be filled with concrete, and the kids are getting excited. If I have a free weekend and good weather sometime soon, I hope to get a little further before winter hits.