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  • Frame/heart questions

    Hi all. I'm working on a budget Pompeii build and have a question about a concept I'm not grasping -- Does it actually matter if the 4th row of cinders sits level? Won't the concrete of the hearth correct any variances in height/level? I'm wondering because a) I'm using 3/4 used cinders (budget) and b) I'm wondering why I would bother cutting out space for the angle irons if the frame will ultimately determine the height/level of the hearth. Thanks for any replies!

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    It won't matter. You can also frame up and pour the wood storage lintel monolithic with the hearth pour. It takes a little more concrete, but you save the price of the blocks and the price of the steel lintel. Of course, if you can't find the form material for free, it is about 6 one and a half a dozen the other .
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      A couple of tips when pouring the supporting slab. Firstly, mound the slab up slightly in the middle so water will be discouraged from pooling there. Secondly place one or two sticks in the middle so you have some drain holes in the centre. Alternatively drill them after slab completion.
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        Thanks for the reassurance and the advice.

        I've managed to dry stack everything reasonable well. There is one corner where the angles are slightly off and one 1st row block that wobbles some until the round above it is placed. I was hesitant to get out the mortar for this as I can see that there's a single raised area causing this problem and didn't want to mortar every block up to that level. It all seems like it should work out but I'm just not sure if I'm being naive.

        Also, will leaving holes in the center not significantly alter the structural integrity of the slab?