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Patching cracks in the entrance

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  • Patching cracks in the entrance

    Hi all,
    I have some cracks in the decorative entrance pieces in the front of my oven opening. They are preformed pieces made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement. Most have held up well, except for the one directly in front of the entrance. I was thinking about just mortaring the cracks to keep and moisture out to keep the Colorado freeze/thaw cycle from really breaking it up. They have been in place since 2007, so time for some maintenance.

    I was thinking of buying this item:
    Rutland 62 Fireplace Dry Mix Patch

    and just using it to "grout" the cracks.

    Do you all think I actually need a refractory item or could I just use some regular sanded grout? Assuming I don't mind redoing it in a few years.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    That doesn't look like cracking, it looks like spalling. Cracking is what occurs from the natural shrinkage of concrete over time. Spalling is from water entering the concrete and freezing/expanding. I think you are going to need to replace/repour those pieces. Grout is not going to keep water out and the problem will just continue to get worse.
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      It is what you describe. Cracks from the heat made worse by the snow melting and refreezing. I just want to arrest the process for a while. Do you think I could do that using that Rutland mix?
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