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Question about pouring the hearth

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  • Question about pouring the hearth

    I am at the stage where I finish building the block stand. My question, is there any requirements as how deep the hearth foundation has to be if i would like have the FB board flush and recess to the hearth?

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    I am unclear as to why you want to recess the FB board? You do not want it to be down in a sump. It is likely to collect water and be very hard to dry out after the oven is done. Also most need to raise the oven above the support slab to get the height they want.



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      thanks for your reply randy i was looking into something like this i found that a member did. My reason is i dont want the cooking floor to be elevated so much from the hearth itself. I dont like how i would have ceramic board that is 2" then 2" of cooking floor. I would like the look of just the cooking floor.
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        I am trying to achieve this flush look.


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          If doing it this way, all the more important to have some holes through the supporting slab to provide an exit for moisture. It is easier to cast them when laying the slab rather than drilling later.
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