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Tiling straight on the vermiculite good or bad idea?

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  • Tiling straight on the vermiculite good or bad idea?

    I was first planning to render over the vermicrete but now I'm thinking of laying my brick slips straight on to the verm I have some bonding agent I could go over the dome with but I'm unsure if this will be enough as it's not a practiced method and with the verm being flaky any thoughts guys would be appreciated
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    I definately vote for applying 3/4" of stucco over the vcrete beffore applying brick veneer or tile.
    just sayin' .
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      It depends on how upset you will be if you have to do it over again. Personally, my Vcrete is pretty solid after it cures and I would not be afraid to apply a thinset mortar and tile or whatever you have in mind. A scratch stucco certainly is nice insurance.
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        Great place to be Leetheldc ... finished with the oven and working on the outside "looking nice" features...pretty good feeling isn't it? OK, here's my 2 worth on your question...

        I wanted to use brick on the outside of my dome and make it look like a vault build. I cut my bricks lengthwise and set a row parallel to the oven. I put a piece of cement board in the slot created between the brick and my perlcrete dome insulation. Used some fiberglass insulation and brick chips to set the board vertical. Next I started to build my facade up the side of the oven. When I got to the point I needed to arc over the top, I again added some fiberglass as padding/support and then tightly laid metal lathe over the top, tucking in both sides behind the pieces of cement board. I just laid the split bricks with regular mortar over the metal lathe. It's pretty darn solid and gave me the look I wanted on the outside.

        Don't know if this helps you any, but it might give you some alternate ideas. By the way, on the back side (hidden from everyone's view) there is another piece of cement board that just closes off the vault facade end. (I found out there wasn't enough room for me to work in the back once I had built the den around the oven ) I did use more lathe there in the back between the oven and the hardibacker to keep any critters out of the back voids.

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          Thanks for the advice guys I guess I'm going to give it a scratch coat then. I could probably get a bag of k rend from a friend what is thinnest thickness I can do I've never rendered anything before? Or am I best off with a home mix? Cheers
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