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Thinnest SS sheet you can use for a door

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  • Thinnest SS sheet you can use for a door

    I'm working on a SS insulated door now. I'd like to use 22 or even 24 ga. (.03" or .024") sheet to keep the door as light as possible, and also to have less metal to conduct heat. Is there any way that using sheet metal this thin could burn away over time from the high heat it would be repeatedly exposed to after getting the oven to pizza temp?
    Here's mine:

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    Stainless steel has around a third of the thermal conductivity of mild steel (see link) which is good, but unfortunately stainless buckles far more severely under heat and the thinner you go the worse it gets. This may create sealing problems for you. It won't burn away like wood can though. I sometimes use a piece of 0.55 mm stainless in my over to contain the fire and protect the pizza edge and it's fine, although buckled and not pretty looking after about 3 years.
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