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Melbourne D105 corner build

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  • Melbourne D105 corner build

    Looking for some advice. Ordered a D105 from Melbourne fire brick company and plan on a corner design. Anyone have any dimensions of the base for such oven? My mockup is a base with 80" long sides and 48" short sides. Any input would be appreciated

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    Did you try to price a kit oven in the US before you ordered an import? I am sure that our hosts could have been very competitve with the price considering shipping?
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      Thanks for the info Gulf. I did look at that option, but with price being almost equal both my wife and I like the look/finish of the other oven.


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        Welcome to the forum! With the stand dimensions given on the Melbourne site for the D105, I'm not quite sure what you are asking here. Place your mockup in the corner and think/plan about access to the back and sides if you are going to put the oven under cover (which I assume you will do in Nebraska). You will want to make wings on the sides for placing prep materials & loading pizzas as well as a place to park the finished product . I had some carts built into my base so that I could store wood and other oven/pizza making items beneath the wings. That allowed me to pull the carts out for added counter space and put them away when not in use. It's going to be interesting to find out what your shipping costs will be...

        Bottom line is allow for space behind the oven and plenty of counter space left & right of the oven. The mockup is really a great tool to layout in your intended location and see what you've got to work with. Don't forget that you will want to have the oven facing away from prevailing winds and provide a clear path to the kitchen and to your main wood supply. Also, you will want to provide some working room in front of the oven (those peels can really whack someone in the head if you plan on having your guests seated too close ).

        Hope those thoughts help a bit...but you will find that you're not just planning on a WFO for yourselves, you're planning on entertaining friends & relatives often (and normally near the oven).
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          Thank you Mike! I did a mockup with cardboard and it seems huge. It looks like an 80" long leg and a 48" short leg stand is what I need for adequate space around the oven. Excited to post once we get started.