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Building the dome

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  • Building the dome

    Hi Guys,

    I finished the oven floor and built the form to start the dome construction.
    Before starting and possibly make a mistake, i wanted to have your opinion.
    I have decided to build a napolitan style oven dome. I drew the 3points arch (you can see it in the attached images), on polystyrene panels and cutted them.
    The napolitan dome is 15.5" high, whereas the classical dome is 21" high (i am building the 42" oven).
    The door for the napolitan dome is 11" high, whereas the classical oven door is 12.5".

    My question is, why does the two doors have almost the same height, despite a 5.5" difference in dome height? the napolitan oven is very bad at holding heat?
    Only 4.5" are left between the dome and the top of the door. My idea was then to lay my polystyrene form on a brick to give it 2.3" more. Is it a bad idea?

    I have also another question, in the manual it says that when building the napolitan oven I should start with a first course of vertical bricks, is it a problem if i use layed half bricks like for the classical oven?

    My questions are stupid, but is it to make sure there are no "thermal effects" that i would compromise doing it my way.

    Thank you all
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