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Wet Ceramic Fiber Board

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  • Wet Ceramic Fiber Board

    Two years ago we finally started construction of our pizza oven, for the most part following the plans from Forno Bravo. As insulation below the cooking floor we used ceramic fiber board. Oven came out great, and we've cooked in it many times with very good results. We live in Vermont, and this year it's been raining for what seems like 3 months straight. The oven exterior is a finished igloo style and is covered with a metal roof so there is no direct rain, however we recently noticed that the hearth is wet, and it seems like the fiber board underneath has also gotten wet - when we push on the bricks near the door, it feels slightly spongy. Inside the oven, everything still seems to be firm. Looking for any input as to whether this is something we should be concerned about, or if just firing up the oven will dry things out. Any help or advice is much appreciated!

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    Keep firing it. From your description, it should dry out just fine. How about some pics of the oven, the roof, and the flue as it exits the roof line?
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