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Attempt at waterproofing the oven floor FB

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  • Attempt at waterproofing the oven floor FB

    I know I'm getting a little ahead of myself here condsidering my dome is not closed yet but I'm trying to plan a concrete pour to bring up the level of the landing area so when I put in my granite counter it is flush with the oven floor.

    Because of this raised area, I'll have to raise up all the way around the oven and I am considering once the CFB is place, pouring concrete around the oven with a slight slope away from the oven. This concrete would butt up against the CFB. I would then put the render around the dome that would finsih on top of the concrete thereby making it a lot harder for water to go up the slope and wick into whatever seam there is between the render and the concrete.

    Any issue with concrete up against the CFB? Attached a rough sketch of what I'm thinking. (no cool CAD tools for me). The FB Plans don't really go into this kind of detail. If I went through the build steps without thinking about it, I'd complete the dome and render and then start thinking about the finish of the stand which would have given me a seam dirctly down the the concrete hearth. Maybe that isn't even an issue because the stucco and concrete bond well enough but since I think they will cure and shrink differently, it would surprise me.

    Any thoughts are appreciated

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    I suggest that you form a12x12 groove at the junction between the dome and the concrete you pour and install a quality silicone sealant as there will always be a crack at this junction the rest looks OK