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half-dome first vertical row bricks

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  • half-dome first vertical row bricks

    Hello all
    Few qestions on dome type oven I started few days ago :
    oven is 98 cm inner diameter, heart is 65 mm thick 15cm by 30 cm refractory bricks on top of 5o mm CaSilicate.
    First row will be of vertical sectro bricks on top of this first row I intend to build 115 mm thick dome from""half "bricks which I intend to cut to shape.
    this is where I am right now

    First doubt :

    to build the "dome "part I have three options
    1 to continue the shape of the dome as it was started from the heart, which leads to the issue with the angle of the first dome row of bricks being too far of the level surface of the top of vertical row. I can cut the first row bricks on a angle ( red line ) but that creates issue with uneven surface and random gaps with teh first "dome "row.
    2. Creating "flat arch to even the forces of the dome and leading them down , as well as starting in sync" with the flat surface of the top of the first vertical row . Here the issue will be the dificulties locking the dome in teh middle with small"keystoness" !!! and cliend doesnt like the idea of molding castable refractory as a solution for this middle top part !!!
    3. option - to start from this first row with regular size spheric dome wich makes it straight and clean but Height will increase and I have considerations fro keeping the height down...
    which way to go . and what should I be carefull with ?
    second line of qestions :
    How important will be to put a holding ring around the first "vertical" row to secure for lateral forces spreding outwards from the upper "dome"part (especially for the option 1 as described above )?
    If I will construct such "tie"I will lay a piece of steel angle under the heart bricks , drill a hole , put two strong vertical rods wich will strech the flat "tie"around the vertical row and on top of the rods - tension with another long screw - rod /

    Any taught and suggestions will be much appreciated !

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    I am making nr 2. See my post and the link I made to a very beautiful one from Larry. Ad.