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      Looking good Ad, this has been a fun build to watch. I'm going to be very interested to see how the smoke chamber/hood connection to your chimney works.
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        Small update.
        I made the roof the Italian way so I am sorry now perfect roof but one that works is fine for me.
        I put some self-made heat-resistant mortar over the top and around the steel wheel.
        I now have to cure the oven I have red but wait a little for the mortar to harden good.
        I want to make it like this



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          This is the metal band, the other metal parts hanging from the door are to fasten steel wire to hold the metal net covering the blanket.


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            Originally posted by SableSprings View Post
            Atak, how big is your oven going to be? A 9" opening will be fine for pizza peel access, but the larger your oven the more difficult it becomes to reach and work areas farther back. Remember that no matter what you think now, you will want to use the oven for cooking and baking after making pizza. So access (and visibility) is important (as well as being able to fit a roasting pan or sheet pan through the opening width). I don't remember exactly who, but there is a low dome build on the forum where the surrounding bands of steel connected to steel vertical posts embedded in the hearth on either side of the door. That way the bands did not cross the opening of the oven. My opening is just under 12" high for my 39" diameter Pompeii/beavertail shaped oven and I can be limited in working the back of the oven over items closer to the front (having a load of bread in the oven for instance).

            Note that the video says the bricks used are made on they may not be cutting as many bricks, but they are being sized in the process somewhere. You will have to cut bricks in this build, so just be prepared with a few extra "test" bricks. Also take note on the laying of bricks on that upper ring of the video that they do NOT put mortar between the steel and bricks. The metal expands more and more quickly than the brick, so any mortar "bond" between them is broken as soon as the curing process begins. Those bricks simply rest on the angle iron and mortaring there would be simply a waste of time and material.

            Hope this helps...
            A question from an old thread I happened to find.

            I've been sketching in a design similar to Acunto's with the internal steel ring and is pretty much ready to start the build any day now. But as I see it in the video as they are filling the space between the brick and ring with mortar?

            My plan is to do the same, and I believe also the bond will loosen from the ring but hopefully stick to the brick and therefore create an edge to catch it from slipping if joints on other sides fails.

            Only have newly find theoretical knowledge in this whole field, so feel free to give input.