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  • Fiber blanket use

    I'm getting ready here in Pennsylvania to finish the last bricks of my pizza dome once the weather breaks, and I'll wrap it soon with my fiber blanket.

    Weird question, but does it matter if after the blanket is on if it gets wet from the elements? I will put a tarp over what I can until I can enclose the dome, but I wanted to see what precautions, if any, I need to take until then. With a tarp, I'm sure water will still get in some parts.


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    Welcome Chris! The problem with both brickwork and insulation being out in the weather is the absorption of water. You eventually need to drive that water out of not only the bricks during the curing process, but out of any insulation materials surrounding the oven (that definitely includes the percrete/vermicrete/ceramic board underneath the oven). The more water contained by the oven, the longer and slower the curing process may need to be drying them out. Two of the best things to do for an oven that is not covered are; 1) have some small holes drilled in the support slab/hearth, so that the base insulation materials can drain or have easier exit ports for moisture and 2) incorporate or add a vent in the outside render of the dome--giving the covering insulation a similar exit path for moisture.

    Bottom line is try to keep that ceramic blanket as dry as possible until protected from the elements with a permanent "water-resistant" enclosure or render. If your partially built oven has been exposed to the winter rain and snow, they have absorbed a lot of moisture. It's certainly not a "fatal" issue, just be aware it will take much longer to drive that water out. I'm glad that you are putting a tarp over the dome now...yes, water always seems to find a way in .

    The beauty of these ovens is the fact that although it may take longer to cure or dry out, they are survivors !
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      That's a great response, and I'm happy you took the time to help. I appreciate it. I'll do my best! Thanks.