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  • New to Forum Gas,Wood or both?

    Greetings! I am new to the forum and look forward to all the resources this forum provides. As I am in the planning stages of my 42" Pompeii oven, I have downloaded the plans from the FB website. I have considered installing natural gas for those times where I may not use wood due to time constraints like not wanting to wait for wood heat or in the event my wood supply is low. Has anyone used natural gas, and if so what is the best application? I plan to start my oven in about a month when the weather is more favorable here in the Rocky Mountains, between now and then I plan to start gathering the necessary materials and information, so I'm sure I will be a regular in the coming weeks. Thanks in advance to all for your help and consideration. Big Z

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    Big Z,

    There have been a few builds with natural gas but not many. There was one that was built by an expatriate in Mexico and it seemed to work well. FB also builds there ovens with a natural gas option but I do not know if they offer a kit for a DIYer. In most cases a couple hours of firing will get you to pizza temps. Even with natural gas, the firebrick still needs to get heat saturated in order to cook well.

    I am located in SLC and have helped many local builders with questions or material resources so if you are in need of a sidewalk superintendent then let me know.
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      Impressive pictures! I live near Draper, waiting for some better weather to get started, I have been doing some research on burners. There is a company in Italy Avanzini that makes a burner that will heat a 42" oven in 1 hour it's a little pricey though at $1300.00 so the jury is still out on that. I have been considering this build for a couple of years now, I'll admit it's a bit intimidating, but the more I research the more comfortable I get. I plan to keep gathering information and material for the next few weeks, then I'll jump in with both feet. Stay tuned I may need a bail-out..