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  • venting question

    I'll soon be to the point of putting up a chimney and I'm planning on using class A double walled metal venting. My question is not so much related to the chimney as it is finishing the chimney on the outside. I really prefer the look of a square brick chimney coming up from the roof. If I do that and put the vent in it what do I do at the top? Do I use concrete right onto the metal like I've seen on chimneys with clay liners? What is the appropriate method for finishing something like that? I haven't been very successful in finding pictures.

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    You can extend your masonry at least course of brick to clear the top of your double wall pipe. Between the pipe and the brick, pack in a layer of insulation for a false bottom to hold up about a 4" layer of v/pcrete. Regular brick mortar will work, but don't use concrete. Cap with brick, cut to fit the the ID of your your inner wall pipe. (A very short piece of ss pipe works great for a form, mine was a scrap cut off from a metal yard) Form a levee out of regular brick mortar cut to shape with the double wall cap like a cookie cutter. This will keep the water out and form a secure mount for the chimney cap.
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      Thanks! That is tremendously helpful.