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Stucco Cracks?

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  • Stucco Cracks?

    Hi guys,

    Complete novice here... Just installed my Casa 90 according to the manual, and let it sit for a week. Then I started the curing process, and on Day 5, I noticed these small cracks around the chimney area. Should I be worried? What should I do to fix? I'm nervous about the integrity, although looking inside the oven, there are no cracks in the dome, floor, or landing area. Just the stucco. Can I just seal/paint with an elastomeric stucco exterior paint?

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    This is a suggestion posted by one of our experience builder (David S), he has suggested this numerous time but be aware that he says to use "100%" acrylic render only. I see this is an open igloo and even though you are from Texas, you do need to prevent any water from getting in and getting the dome or floor insulation wet. This is a common problem that cause ovens not to heat up properly.
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      What is "render"? Is there another name for render here in the US?


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        Sorry, yes, you guys in US call it stucco. Australia and UK call it render. Because cement stucco/render is hard and brittle, the area where it butts up to the hot expanding flue pipe is a problem and a potential source of water entry. Leaving a small gap and filling it with high temperature silicon works pretty well. A coating of elastomeric paint may also work, but not sure how it will stand the heat in that position.
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          Thanks David (Il Pizzaiolo) and UtahBeehiver!