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    I recently just started building my Pompeii inspired woodfired oven and until now everything went smooth. Bit now I知 a bit worried about the mortar I use and the joints inside and outside the oven.
    I use a premixed refractory mortar (follow the link below) and try to do my best to reduce the jointgabs as best I can.
    Now I have noticed some mortar inside the oven where the bricks meet, (5-6 mm) is that ok?
    The mortar has sit for some days now and is rockhard and solid.
    Do you think I知 doing okay or do I have to start over again with my dome and try to reduce the jointgabs inside the oven?
    Sorry about if my english quite correct (I知 a dane )


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    Your dome bricks look very thin. In which case there will be very little mortar thickness holding them together. Anything less than about 60 mm thick runs the risk of not being thick enough for a decent bond. You could back it up by applying a thick layer over the whole dome. The homebrew mortar would be far cheaper and more suitable. ie. 3 sand, 1 cement, 1 powdered clay, 1 hydrated lime
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