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    Ok. So I have been reading, learning, and thinking about the vent landing and flue. I am building a 36" dome and I see that the plans call for an 8" vent landing and the use of a 6" flue. I also have seen that a larger vent landing helps with getting rid of the smoke faster and stops the soot from forming outside the face of the oven. I was thinking of doing a 12" vent landing with the 6" flue. Not sure if anyone would object to this. if I do this would an 8" flue be better or not needed? Thanks in advance.

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    The deeper the entry the less chance of smoke escaping out the front, but the harder the oven is to work loading food and fuel and unloading and cleaning meaning longer handled tools and difficulty reaching in on an angle. I think the more important thing is to create the flue gallery so there is a generous volume for the smoke to collect before it enters the flue pipe. This means creating a kind of inverted funnel. If designed in this way and the pipe is a generous diameter in relation to the oven chamber it is possible to have both a shallow entry and a smoke free outer decorative arch. My entry is only 5" deep (8" if you also count the thickness of the outer decorative arch) and at 10 years old as you can see has next to no smoke staining on the front. A 6" flue is recommended for ovens up to 36" diam so an 8" might be a good plan. Mine is only 5" but the oven is only 21" in diam.
    For a better explanation of the flue gallery design see this cross sectional view here #2

    Click image for larger version

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