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To fill with perlite?

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  • To fill with perlite?

    I'm building the enclosure around my oven and trying to decide if there will be worthwhile benefit to filling it with perlite. I have 5" of superwool over the body, with 6" on the upper third. Filling the remaining space with perlite will probably run another $100 to $150 (any price better than $12 per 4 ft^3 from AM Leonard?), but I wonder if that hasn't passed into overkill. However once the enclosure is done adding it would be hard.

    I currently plan to use the oven primarily for pizza, I don't think being able to bake for days after a firing is particularly useful-- I also have essentially infinite free wood to feed the fire.

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    You can add it later if you want to. Enclosures need screened vents in the gables or at the peek of the roof. Make them removable and you can add it through that opening. Seal all routes of entry. A mouse can enter through a very small hole. They love to nest and pee in loose insulation.
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      I was planning soffit and ridge vents rather than a gable vent, but I suppose I could put one on the back side. Keeping the mice out is hard, it seems they can get through holes that are smaller than any of their body dimensions!
      My build thread: https://tinyurl.com/y8bx7hbd