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Igloo/Dome in Connecticut

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  • Igloo/Dome in Connecticut

    Started researching and studying a lot of builds early in the fall of 2017 before breaking ground on my build in the spring of 2018. My WFO sits on four piers that go 48 inches in the ground to prevent frost heave. The front three are eight inches round and the rear pier is twelve inches round. All with half inch rebar for structural reinforcement. The hearth is five inches thick with rebar tied into the piers. The cooking floor is thirty six inches round with the dome around it not sitting on the cooking floor. Left a small space between the floor and walls for expansion. Three inch ceramic fiber board for insulation underneath and three inches of ceramic fiber board over and around the dome. Medium duty fire brick and home brew mortar (mason sand, portland, lime & fire clay). Covered the whole dome and ceramic fiber blanket with a mixture cement, a little sand and lime then a thin coat of cement over that. Sealed the whole thing with ghostshield siloxa-tek 8500 and water beads right over very good sealer. I plan to to build a roof structure this coming fall to keep snow off of it. From start to finish it took me about 2 months every weekend all weekend. Lots and lots of work, but well worth it. This website gave me very insight and totally helped me make my oven. Far from perfect, but perfect for me.