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  • Its a CRACK

    im just a paranoid person as it is but would love some reassurance that this crack isnt going to cause my whole oven to collapse on me one day. i finished the oven about 2 weeks ago. let it sit for 5 days to dry out and then started curing fires. this was my 5th fire (stated at about 150 degrees and went up 100 degrees everyday) and got it to about 650-700 today (could have maybe gotten hotter but couldn't get my arm in there to get a good temp as it was to hot) and i got a crack in my arch and right above it. i dont care about looks as that will get covered, more worried that its going to fall in...thoughts?

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    I just found a couple big cracks inside my oven, including cracked bricks since I haven't crawled in to check for four years since I built it. I have no idea how long they've been there, since I couldn't see them from the outside. The oven opening arch also developed a crack in the keystone joint, lots of mortar fell out on the bottom of the joint, since the bricks weren't actually touching. My oven has not fallen, nor do I think it ever will. THough I think i need to crawl inside to inspect at least once a year.
    Here's mine: