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stone veneer application

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  • stone veneer application

    Back from a month of travel and ready to get this project finished!

    The plan is for stone veneer over the house. The bottom is concrete block, the top, over the oven now has Durock over a steel stud frame. On the top I've applied lath and will do a scratch coat before applying the stone. I've read lots of sites and watched videos and am not sure what the best practice is in a couple regards:

    1) Scratch coat on the concrete blocks? If no, then use adhesion promoter (bonding adhesive) on the blocks? If yes, use any sort of polymer admix in the mortar? Is lath required over the concrete blocks?

    2) Similar question about polymer admix in the mortar for both the scratch coat and mortar for attaching the stone over the durock

    3) Type N vs S mortar? Many places say to use one or the other but not why.
    My build thread: