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36" Oven Construction Pics

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  • 36" Oven Construction Pics

    OK, so I'm almost ready to close in the dome. It would have been done last weekend but I ran out of brick. Oh well, I can't think of a better way to spend Christmas Eve day... The oven is part of a larger bar/outdoor kitchen. Everything is done with permits and to local code. I sure hope I can get it done before winter is over. For those not familiar with sunny South Florida, winter lasts roughly 2.5 weeks...

    Form work for the slab

    Adjusting the layout for steel placement

    Steel in place, let's get some blocks stacked...

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    36" Oven Construction Pics Continued

    Front view of the blockwork and beginning of the hearth forms

    View from the rear (R-L: sink, refigerator, storage)

    I skipped the angle iron and just poured a lintel across the opening. I'm sure I could have just spanned it with the hearth too...
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      36" Oven Construction Pics Cont. 2

      Hearth form in place

      Hearth form supports...

      2" perlcrete...


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        Some #5 steel

        And we've got cake, er, a slab. That's a lot of concrete to mix in a wheelbarrow...


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          36" Oven Construction Pics Cont. 4

          Dome layout

          End of day one of dome building. I had to re-do the door bricks. I made my opening a little larger than I intended and the mortar didn't stick.


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            36" Oven Construction Pics Cont. #5

            End of day two of dome building. It's starting to look like something useable... More pics to follow soon!
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              Dome Complete

              Finished off most of the dome on Christmas eve, and the keystone went in on Christmas day. My present to myself... Looking at the remaining hole, I opted to skip cutting little bits of brick and just use a whole brick on it's side. Having a wet saw sure makes the work easier. The remaining void was filled with refractory mortar...



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                Inside View of Dome



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                  The Vent

                  This part of the job struck me as far more challenging. I've never done any brick work and figuring out how to support it over the vent opening required a lot of pondering...

                  I ended up using 1.25" x 3/16" angle to support the bricks, cutting a channel in the brick so it wouldn't show from the outside. It seems to have worked fine...

                  Next was working out the arch.



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                    I like the "Plug" and the slivers to fill voids rather than refactory mortor. Your lack of squeezed mortor on the inside gives the dome a tight look. very nice

                    patrick aka joe engineer


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                      Almost Done!

                      It took three days to get the brickwork done and then another day to add a full 6" of perlcrete. Wow, what a difference the insulation makes!

                      Looking up the vent.

                      Love that fire swirling around the dome!
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                        First Pizza Night

                        I still need to stucco the outside of the dome and finish the rest of the bar, but the lure of pizza is too strong...

                        First in...



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                          Very nice. You will enjoy it for along time. You will also have more friends stopping by for a snack.



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                            I often wonder if people like coming to our house for parties because they like us, or because they like our pizza. :-)
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                              Re: 36" Oven Construction Pics

                              Wow, where has the time gone? Mostly to other projects... so many, so little time! Plus, I've discovered that it is mostly unbearable to make pizza or bread after April and before October. Sweaty pizza is so unappealing! So, where was I? Needing a proper counter...

                              So, more formwork was needed, and a bit of steel to keep it from cracking.

                              Styrofoam fills the space for the sink and faucet

                              Next, mix more concrete...