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Looking for advice on how quickly I can finish my WFO

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    Originally posted by MickyPizza View Post
    Don't rush it. You most likely know yourself that if you DO (because of this tight,self-imposed timescale) then its almost certain that months/years down the line you will be left thinking "I wish I'd just.... If only I'd done...." etc If you haven't filled those gaps too thoroughly then do so.
    I hope to still get to do that. You're right, it would be much cleaner. Thanks for the tip!

    Originally posted by MickyPizza View Post
    Had to laugh because I see you did EXACTLY same as me regarding the inner arch and never left a reveal for the door to hit against, but instead, staggerd the arch down!
    I don't have a reveal, but I think I'll manage to fix up a door somehow. I don't understand what you mean by the staggered arch? My arch is straight, but I fit the vent into it.

    Originally posted by MickyPizza View Post
    Have to say that its a very neat job you've done though and I love the compactness and cyclindrical form of the base combination
    Thanks! I like the look too. I'm a bit sad that I'll I have to wait to see if it cooks well, also..

    Originally posted by david s View Post
    The “airy gravel” you describe sounds like it is probably pumice which is a good insulating material. The problem of applying it as a wet mix directly over the dome is that you’ll have a lot of water right next to the hot dome bricks. The trick is to do it in layers no more than about an inch and a half thick with at least a week drying after each layer. The pumice should be broken up so no grains are bigger than 1/4 inch, then mixed with about 8-10:1 with cement and just enough water to make a workable by hand mix. A little powdered clay added to the mix will help. Fibreglass batting insulation is not a good material to use because it is too light and springy. It compresses too much. I used it for my first oven and although it insulated ok and on dismantling the oven after three years to build a larger one, it had not deteriorated at all.The pumice mix will work fine though provided you make the mix fairly lean as it has some give. I hope you insulated under the oven floor.
    Glad to hear about your experiences. It is, in fact, scoria. I found another thread which was very informative and it seems to perform about as well as pumice. I used the same material to insulate the floor, too. About 4" of thickness there.

    I found rock wool oven insulation today and packed the dome with it. It was a pain to work with it, but I think it's good enough. The datasheet confirmed a maximum temperature of 680°C.
    I am going to insert a brass fitting into the next scoria/concrete layer to create a pathway for the potentially accumulated moisture.
    Hope to get that done tomorrow!
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      A little update from today. I finished adding my scoriacrete layer today and shaped the transition to the Chimney. I had to make the mix a little richer in cement than 8:1 to be able to work it at all. I was able to get a nice surface which I am very happy with. It's now covered and I will add the stucco tomorrow. I know that this is not ideal but I want to get it done and I'm confident that the coming summer with hot and dry weather will dry out the oven anyways.

      I will advise the next visitors on how to do the curing fires and then, when I return myself, I can enjoy a finished oven. I hope, at least!

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        For the sake of completeness, this is the oven with the final stucco added.
        It is nice and damp under a cover for now. When I leave, it will have been a full three days under the cover. I will remove the cover just before leaving and then the oven will have time until may to dry and cure in the nice dry heat and wind here.

        It will be painted white in the future. Should I use a sealing paint or a breathable one?

        Thanks for all the support and I will make sure to post some more pictures next time.
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          Looks amazing! Well done on getting it done in time!