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Big Als 46Ē oven and outdoor kitchen

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  • Big Als 46Ē oven and outdoor kitchen

    Hello all! Iíve been working on the oven for a month or so now. Started with an idea for an outdoor kitchen I saw on Pinterest, then I got lost in the vortex of wood fired ovens and dove in head first . I am near completion but Iím hoping to make a post a week until I get to the end. First off, thank you everyone for the incredibly helpful information posted on this website as well as FB for hosting it.

    This all started when I bought a ď fixer upperĒ home several years ago. Had I know the amount of money time and effort I would eventually dump into it, I never would have bought it. But here I am near the end and finally ready to enjoy my home and yard with my family. The back yard started as a jungle , the previous owners turned the irrigation off ten years ago and NEVER PICKED A WEED SINCE. Believe it or not those pictures are after a decent amount of clearing the vegetation off of the house

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    After the inside remodel was finished it was time to start on the outside. First I cleared the yard and dug the slab for what would eventually be the pizza oven base and surround . After a few slipped disks and what Iím sure will result in a lifetime of back problems, the yard was clear


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      Then I leveled the forms, bent the rebar and poured the slab. After that the flatwork for the back patio was poured and stamped. I crumbled and hired some workers to stack block then we built the forms and had finishers finish the countertop.


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        After that was done, I was finally able to start on the oven itself. I used a vermiculite insulation under the oven at 3 1/2 inches(2x4 on end) , which I know is a little thin but I was worried about height, which still came to bite me in the end (stay tuned) . Has anyone else poured their insulation this thin? Any issues ?

        I started laying out the outline of the oven


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          Forno is limiting my uploads today, stay tuned


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            Then I poured the pearcrete and laid the oven base in some sand and fire clay