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42Ē Pompeii Oven and BBQ in Devon, UK

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  • 42Ē Pompeii Oven and BBQ in Devon, UK

    Iíve been planning to build my oven and BBQ area for the past 4 years. Lack of courage and time delayed my project.

    Iím going to concentrate first on the oven project which is the more complicated.

    I live in south west of England in an area which is quite wet for most time of the year.

    I have no building experience and my knowledge is gained by reading the Forno bravo manual and following the forum. I built the stand last year and have been going through the forum and scratching my head and planning my build over the winter.

    My first dilemma is the insulation under the oven. Iím planning on using 2 inch. Calsil boards. There have been discussions about water insulation under the boards because of fear of wicking from the concrete slab. Is that really a problem. Have not read any reported issues with that in the forum and it seems to be more of theoretical concern.

    However It is a concern I thought on addressing that in my oven. I thought on using paving slabs with 2mm gaps between slabs under the boards so any water can trickle through gaps. Also thought on painting top of slabs with damp proof paint.

    Would appreciate any help and advice.