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  • 42 Pompeii Dome California Solidworks CAD

    Hello everyone. I've been lurking about here for a while, and I've built a 42" Pompeii oven about three times in Solidworks. Plans and video here:

    It has been a useful experience, which has given me a much better idea about how all the pieces fit together. As the kits are no longer sold by Forno Bravo, I've had to search around to find materials. Suitable bricks, mortar, and insulating materials are available from Harbison Walker in Richmond CA and the other general building materials can be found at Home Depot.

    I'm linking to a time-lapse of my "virtual" build in CAD, as well as plans with views and dimensions. In CAD, I built the dome first, then the entry, then merged them and cut away the parts of the dome at the entrance. I'm still not quite clear on best practices for transitioning from the dome to the entry. Where they intersect, in the region where the dome and entry meet, should the dome bricks continue to the inner wall of the entry? Or should the entry bricks continue to the inner wall of the dome? Or some combination? I haven't been able to find photos here that make this clear, so I'm interested in any advice from experienced builders.

    I welcome your comments, criticisms, and questions on the virtual plans. Looking forward to making them real in the coming months!


    Click image for larger version

Name:	pompeii-wedge-assy.jpg
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    42" dome:
    Journal, budget, temperature profiles:

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    Lorenzo, CAD is a very useful tool, especially for figuring out fore/aft placement of the inner arch. As far as dome-entry transition, are you asking about how the inner arch mates with the dome? If yes you should look at pictures from some of the well documented builds and you can see how it is done. Some folks build the arch first, but I found that building the arch as I built the dome worked best. I used semi-circular arches but I see you have drawn a straight sided arch. I have some pictures on my build thread that might help show the dome/arch intersection, although the design is different than what you are showing. There are quite a few builds that have that design so I'd suggest bookmarking some of the ones you like and follow along.
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    My build thread


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      Dear Lorenzo,

      Is your STEP file available?
      I would like to biuld the same oven as yours.
      Thank you in advance



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        Frontvonal88 , you might want to try to post a private message directly to lorenzo73 . He has not posted on this thread since April 2019 but is still active on the forum. He might see this post but a PM would be your best bet to get an answer.
        My build thread


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          Frontvonal88 Sure, I exported the last version of the oven itself as a STEP file, and put it on Dropbox. Link below.

          Also, if you haven't seen the finished oven, see this thread.

          JRPizza thanks for pinging me, I didn't notice the original question.
          42" dome:
          Journal, budget, temperature profiles:


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            Caro Lorenzo,

            Grazie mille!
            You helped a lot for my next project.

            JRPizza I would like also thanks for your kind help

            Have a nice week!