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42in Oven Build in Central NJ

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  • 42in Oven Build in Central NJ

    Hi all! I decided to make a build thread. I'm currently in college (20y/o) and this pizza oven is the passion project that I work on during the summer when I'm not at work. I guess I'll start with all the pictures I have so far and what I've done so far.
    • Dug and Built concrete foundation
    • Built oven base out of cinder block
    • Concrete oven slab base
    • vermiculite concrete insulating base
    • Dome floor and beginning of opening arch
    I want to know if you guys see anything I should be doing differently. Especially before I continue onto the dome. Some relevant info for where I am. The current bricks I have mortared are using the homebrew mix and the opening of the vent so far is around 3in and will be around 10in long.

    Here's the album because I had issues uploading here.