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Chicken wire do we really need it

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  • Chicken wire do we really need it

    I'm guessing the chicken wire is only there so that the insulation stays in place while applying stucco? I've read that David S, doesn't use it. Are there others on the forum who have skipped the chicken wire and how did that work out?
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    You are correct, I donít do that step, mainly because it is so time consuming. If you plan to render directly over the blanket then it will produce some reinforcing in the outer shell although the chicken wire reinforcing in that case should be in the centre of the rendered layer for decent strength and most of it wonít be if itís tight against the blanket. I add a 10:1 vermicrete layer over the blanket to get the form nice and smooth as well as providing additional insulation and a firm substrate to render against. In that case a chicken wire layer under the vermicrete will do nothing to strengthen the outer rendered shell. To enhance the strength in the outer shell I use alkaline resistant fibreglass fibres mixed randomly into the render mix, simple fast and easy to work with.
    But, there are many different ways to do all the layers certainly not just one. This is what works for me.
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      When setting tile using a traditional "mud job" one tacks chicken wire to the floor prior to packing the mortar on top to create the base for the tile. This is a similar use. I have no idea whether it's necessary in either case, but tilesetters did it forever prior to the introduction of thinset, concrete backer board, and more modern installation methods. I believe the first coat of stucco is set onto a wire lath, and when installing veneer stone you first tack wire lath to the wall to anchor the scratch coat.

      That so many trades do it makes me think it must do something useful, but I have no data.
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