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Brick Oven Project (Started)

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  • Brick Oven Project (Started)

    Hello there!

    I started on this journey of building a brick oven a couple months ago. However with the excessive amounts of rain in Missouri, travel, and life. I have not gotten a lot of opportunities to work on it. Things seem to be slowing down so we finally see some progress being made.

    The county that I live in requires that these ovens have a footing that is at least 30 inches below grade and that the footing extends 6 inches past the face of the oven. I need not realize how much work goes into digging a whole 30 inches deep. Never again will I attempt to do this kind of digging without a machine (I eventually called someone who had a backhoe for an extra day to finish up the final 14 inches).

    Anyways more pictures to come in the following week. I've seen many great ovens on this site and I hope mine will be one of them when this is done. Look forward to posting this journey and any insight or recommendations are always welcomed.

    The developer

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    It was a hot one today (93 with a heat index of 106). However, we are finally ready for our first inspection. The frame is fully aligned and position. We added 20 steel stakes to hold in the framing. We also added a couple strands of rebar though this is not required for the inspection.