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Oven Mortar Crumbling - Completed Oven

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  • Oven Mortar Crumbling - Completed Oven

    Hi Forum! So I completed my wood fired Oven Build about 2 years ago. I used locally sourced Fire Brick and the High Temp mortar purchased from Forno Bravo. Everything has been great. But itís been about 4 months since Iíve fired the oven and today I noticed some mortar dust on the oven floor. So I rubbed my finger above on some of the mortar joints of my dome oven and sure enough, many places rubbed off like fine sand grit very easily. Iím not seeing any cracks or areas of missing mortar but Iím not sure what to make if it.

    Will this become a real problem long term?
    Do I need to do anything to the mortar to ďseal itĒ?
    Anyone else have this issue with some advice? Is it a normal condition?
    Should I be worried about more grit falling when the oven is in use onto the food?

    Photos of my completed oven attached for reference.