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32" oven door opening problem?

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  • 32" oven door opening problem?

    I think I have a problem with burning trees in my 32 inch oven. The inside height is 14 inches, the inside diameter is 32 inches. The door opening is a problem I think. Firewood when I load up, but somehow lack strength. The trees are extremely dry and everything is fine with them. When burning wood burns slowly and produces a lot of coal that is not bright red but black. So the wood burns to the end and only an increasing amount of black coal is created. The stove very slowly raises the temperature in this way. Wondering if that opening is too small? what to do, some extra air intake ...?

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    I'm just guessing without more information. But you may be using too much large diameter wood on the initial startup.
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      I looked at your profile to find that you have been firing your oven since 2013? This a link to your build. Your door opening, heighth, and width should be ok. I really can't tell how much under floor insulation that you have. It looks like you are ok over the dome. It also looks like you had a good fire going in 2013. Has something changed over the years with your flue? Is your oven in an inclosed room? If so, do you still have adequat ventilation into the room?
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        I cooked the oven maybe 7-8 times for the whole time. At first I thought it was okay, but later I noticed that it was burning the fire poorly. That was why I rarely used it. I had to burn for 3-4 hours to get white. The chimney is 16 cm, I do not know what else could be the cause. I'll try to order again soon and post a video so you know what I'm talking about. Mostly at the end of the firing I have half a black coal oven .


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          Only "7-8" firings since 2013. An oven can get damp after long periods of nonuse. 3-4 hours is not uncommon for a damp oven. Try firing the oven once each week for a month. See if there is not a great improvement on firing time. Also, don't throw the char away. Separate the char from the ash and use it for the next firing.

          What type under floof insulation do you have.
          What is the thickness of your under floor insulation?
          Are the dome brick also sitting on top of the under floor insulation?

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            If i remember right, pcrete was installed under oven. I do not know what ratio you used but it takes a really long time to drive the moisture out from under the oven. If you are seeing a black ring around the bottom of the dome even though the top has cleared it is an indication of a wet floor.
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              The general rule with loading the oven is “nothing thicker than your wrist”. There is another problem that could be the cause, especially with small ovens and that is overloading the chamber. If too much of the oven chamber is filled with fuel there is not enough volume for proper combustion and the wood just goes black, as you describe. So your remedies are...
              1. Use dry wood
              2. Nothing thicker than your wrist
              3. Don’t overload the chamber
              4. Wet oven, use longer small fires
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                Thank you for your answers. I used concrete mixed with vermiculite to insulate the floorboard according to the forum instructions. I don't remember the exact height of the board, but it was about 10-15cm. If the door dimensions are good, which is what worried me the most, then I will try different firing techniques. What would be the normal time approximately to heat the oven to turn white? Now, when I think about it, I think she never went white
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