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  • Been AWOL of late, no other reason than we have had builders in constructing the terrance feature to our back of house 'trattoria'. I've had too many sleepless nights wondering whether a storm was approaching so decided to weather proof the oven area with a roof and enclosed back panel structure. The wooden structure also acts as cover for a nice seating area with a long wooden table, which will add a really nice new area to our house. I'm really pleased with how it has turned out.

    So I now approach the final rendering of the dome and have materials in place to begin. Sourced some AR fiber glass strands and a suitable render. I do have a question on the curing of the render layers - I plan on 2 coats (scratch and brown as they say), reading around it seems that wrapping the layers in plastic for a month is the best practice here - does this mean I can not fire the oven during those weeks?

    Once the render layers are on I can work on the granite entrance... from there it's merely a paint job on the dome and we are all finished I think.
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    • 2 coats of render smoothed over vermicrete Is now complete. It was a satisfy job and I’m please with the way it has turned out.

      the dome is now wrapped in plastic. I’m a little unsure on how long to leave the oven wrapped in plastic, guessing 3-4 weeks?

      also during this curing time, is it advisable to cease firing the oven? Again guessing, that whilst the vermicrete has recorded little to no heat loss during a fire, and heat that does come through is likely to accelerate the render drying process?

      thanks for any advice.

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      • After initially budgeting 6 weeks, 6 months later I am pleased to say that my build is complete. Awaiting a final coat of paint, the dome has scratch/brown stucco layers with AR fiberglass fibers mixed in. The stucco was wrapped in plastic for around 8 days until condensation was no loner visible on the inside of the plastic. After planning for a full 3 weeks before lightning a fire, I gave way to temptation and lit the oven. Thankfully, after two full blown fires the stucco is crack free.

        I have also added a granite landing entry, separating the fire bricks with a stainless steel tube, for no other reason than aesthetics. The outdoor counter is dressed in the same granite and gives a wonderful shine to my newest and most favorite toy.

        So without further a do - I must give a gigantic thank you to this forum. The contribution of build information from the forum members over the years has been unbelievably valuable. I must have been through most of the builds and have taken inspiration from a number of members to finish my oven.

        Special thanks go to UtahBeehiver and david s for taking the time and having patience in pointing me in the right direction when all appeared lost. David I hope you get well soon and are able to continue helping others in the same way you have helped me. Russell, I will remain envious of your build for years to come and have taken as much inspiration from your pictures as I have from your invaluable responses. Thank you so much.

        Also many thanks to SvH and Yokosuka dweller for helping me to source the raw materials here in Thailand, Sven I still owe you pizza and free-flow wine next time you are passing Hua Hin

        Many thanks again.


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        • Enjoy the fruit of all the planning and construction. Have fun experimenting with your new WFO.
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